Follow these instructions to install the Virtual Notebook Environment:

  1. Download the distribution.

  2. The distribution has been compressed using gzip. To uncompress it type: gzip -d soil.tar.gz

  3. The distribution has also been archived using tar. To unarchive it type: tar xvf soil.tar

    Now you should have a directory soil containing all the scripts and databases you need for vine. It is now time to install ViNE.

  4. To install ViNE, type: vine-install Answer all the questions asked. If you make a mistake, run it again.

  5. Start the java server in the background by going to the directory soil/stem/bin/server and type: java server &

Now ViNE is installed and running. For security reasons you should protect the system pages from other users on the web. We suggest using a .htaccess file. Please set this up in the directory soil/html/Sys-Admin.

Once you have protected your system adminstration pages, you can start adding users to the environment. Use the system administration pages to add new users to ViNE. NOTE: When you add a new user, a new notebook is created for them.

If you want to add this leaf to an already existing notebook environment (connect it to other ViNE leaves), go to a different leaf in the environment and register the new leaf on the system administration pages. This will connect the new leaf with the other leaves. For example: has ViNE running on it and a new leaf is installed on I want to connect helios and ra, so I go to helios's system adminstration pages and register ra with helios. If I want to another leaf to this environment called, I would again install ViNE on ix and then go to either helios OR ra and register ix in the environment using the system administration pages.

Problems, questions, or comments can be sent to Allen malony or Janice Cuny.