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The Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering (NACSE) is a coalition of Pacific Northwest institutions and individuals formed as part of the National Science Foundation's Meta-Center Regional Alliances program. The goal of NACSE is to utilize web technology to make it easier for scientists and engineers to use high-performance computing (HPC) resources. NACSE capitalizes on the high-speed regional communication infrastructure provided by NERO (Network for Engineering and Research in Oregon). For more information, visit the NACSE home page

UO Charter

Dr. Allen Malony and Dr. Janice Cuny in the University of Oregon (UO) Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) are part of the NACSE coalition. They lead research projects in parallel programming systems and environments. These projects produce research tools that are being made available for study and use within NACSE. Tool tutorials are being developed that provide instruction on tool use and show their application to sample problems. Additionally, network-based, interactive training materials are being developed that presents expertise in parallel debugging, performance diagnosis, and tuning. The approach used is scenarios-based, with examples to highlight classes of problems and solutions in these areas.

The UO's Computational Science Institute (CSI) maintains an association with the NACSE effort. Several of the CSI computational science projects make use of the research tools and run on CSI's HPC resources. Descriptions of these projects are being made available to NACSE users for instructive purposes. Also provided are links to other related activities, including HPC resources elsewhere.

Researchers and Students

Dr. Allen Malony
Dr. Janice Cuny

Kevin Glass Steve Hackstadt Christopher Harrop
Josh Rogers Sameer Shende Jenifer Skidmore
Matt Sottile

Project Information

Previous Results
Current and Future Work
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Other Particpants

NACSE in Physics at Oregon State University
NACSE at Portland State University


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