The Tutorial

Press the ? button next to the array D1, a dialog box will pop up giving you a choice between Dandy and Viz. If you are using Netscape you will notice the phrase "Untrusted Java Applet Window" at the bottom of the dialog box, do not be alarmed this is a security feature of Netscape. Choose Dandy for this array and press the "Configure" button. An empty window will come up, this window will contain the Dandy visualization of the array when a pull takes place. Next follow the same steps to configure Viz to visualize D2. You will notice that the "?"s have been replaced by a "D" and a "V", this implies that the appropriate data client has connected to DAQV. (Note that data clients still connect to DAQV, not to the control client. Thus, all transfer of array values still happens between DAQV and the data clients directly, not through the control client.)


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